Application Tips for Cats Plus ® cat litter: The application of Cats Katzenstreu is easy and simple. For best results please follow the following steps:

Fill the litter tray with cat litter to a minimum height of 6-7cm


Regularly remove hard excrements, preferably several times daily. When using clumping litter, scoop out hard clumps daily.

Mix remaining material well to bring unused litter to the surface. If necessary, replenish tray to minimum height.

Do not dispose of soiled litter in the toilet - this could lead to blockages. Soiled litter can be put in the recycling waste bin.

When necessary, empty litter tray completely and clean. We recommend cleaning the litter tray every 4-5 days, if using clumping litter at least every 8-10 days. Please note these indications are only rough guidelines, adjust cleaning intervals to the needs of your cat.


Properties: hygienic anti-bacterial fast absorption and optimal odour neutralisation biodegradable and eco-friendly simple and easy application does not stick to fur or paws